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Pain Resolution

Persistent Pain Resolution - Sessions are designed to resolve your pain while generally helping you feel better in your body. In order to accomplish this we will effectively communicate with your nervous system using various combinations of:

  • Therapeutic Manual Care

  • Movement as Medecine

  • Therapeutic Neuroscience Education

  • Kinesiology Tape


These sessions are aimed to provide understanding, relief and awareness, to improve quality and/or quantity of movement, and to increase tolerance to activity. Using gentle hands-on manual care will allow sensitive nerves to be re-oxygenated while also helping danger signals calm down. Letting the characteristics of corrective movement guide you will give you the means to continue to correct and resolve your cranky nerves on your own. As a consequence you will learn to sense your body's need to move BEFORE it has to hurt to get your attention.

"Thank you for making the pain, which had been with me for years and years, go away. I have become pain free and no longer take pain medications. Thank you for caring."


-- Dee Deming

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