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How Does it Feel?

Rolfing Structural Integration feels uniquely different for every person and for every session even though the process may be construed as one of a similarly shared experience. People often ask how it should feel. First, it should feel comfortable and safe. Of course the area being worked with will vary in sensation and feeling depending upon the context of the territory and its environment. After comfortable, we aim for the work to feel: unique, engaging, exploratory, relaxing, nurturing, playful, rhythmical and novel. Being unique complex beings with the capability of feeling and expressing a vast rainbow of sensations makes this a humbling and joyful experience to be a part of.


Many people often tell us that it feels like they have been fluffed, that they move with greater ease, that they feel looser and taller. Many people report noticing that they're standing and sitting postures feel better and effortless.


I've learned to be a rag doll

I'm loose as I can be

I flip and flop just like a mop

Nothing frazzles me

Poke me where you want to

stretch my body out

fling me on your shoulder

I promise not to shout!"


I just wanted to drop you a note to properly thank you for helping me so much with structural Integration. I think you are doing really great work and I will continue to recommend you to others. Thanks again."


-- Ann Barney

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