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About Chance Mobley

Chance Mobley is dedicated to providing the best possible manual care and movement education for his clients in a safe and nurturing environment. It is through enhancing awareness of one's self-embodiment that true empowerment and self-efficacy may blossom. Understanding that we are all self-healing, self-correcting and self-rehabilitating allows his clients to own their process. He is honored and blessed to be able to facilitate and guide his clients along their journeys through touch, movement and education.


Since 1995, Chancellor has been studying and practicing holistic manual care and bodywork. The heart of his manual care practice is Rolfing also known as Structural Integration. Two types of people come to Chance for his services. Those who are looking for natural pain relief and want to return to normal pain free functioning, and those with the desire to up their game, enhance their functioning while furthering their self-development. Both unfold through self-originating processes based upon the biological and physiological underpinnings of the human experience.


Chance received his diploma from The Guild for Structural Integration in 2002 and is a Certified Rolfer with the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute.

Chance Mobley, Certified Practioner

"Each session was a miracle and an opening. So Chance, thank you so much for all that you did and the willingness to challenge, encourage, guide, and change my body so I could finally begin to breathe, walk, try, and believe again..."


-- Denise Colbert

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