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Rolfing Structural Integration is applied through a series of 10 sessions. While fewer sessions can provide benefit, it is recommended that you complete the entire series since each session will build upon the previous.  Each session is generally an hour and 15 minutes.


Rate per S.I. session: $125.00


One hour massage: $125.00 

30, 45 and 90 minute sessions may be booked at $20.00 per 15 minute regardless of the types of massage we offer.


Kinesio Tape Application to one area: $20.00 and at no cost for any areas with a full session.


*A hardship discount of 25% can be applied to any of the payments - no questions asked.

*A discount of $3.00 may be taken when paying with cash or check.


To book an appointment, use the online form below or contact us at 502-894-0100 or

If you're on a mobile device, and do not see the online form below, follow this link to our online appointment booking.


If you are new to Mobley Manual Care, please complete the Client Intake Form and bring it with you to your first appointment.

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